All Valley Sand and Gravel delivers the material you need to complete your project.

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We offer bulk aggregate products and landscaping materials that are competitively priced and we’ll provide a fast and free estimate for our services.

With our unique quote service, clients can fill out the type of material and quantity they need, in the online form. Ten tons is the minimum order set, for mutual benefit. We’ll provide a quick estimate based on the quantity of material our clients desire, the size of truck, mileage and location of the job.

All Valley Sand and Gravel is considered a leader in the construction aggregates and landscaping industries. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality materials and service to our customers in the LA and Orange County regions. Our first-rate inventory is unmatched by our competitors.

As a leading supplier of high quality aggregates and bulk construction materials, All Valley Sand and Gravel duly has a commitment to customer service and in ensuring the satisfaction of all our clients. Every day our dedicated team is delivering straight from the source quarry to all facets of construction.

Home much material do you need?

Use our free material calculator to determine both the volume (cubic yard) and weight (tons). If your working with a circle shaped area, use our cylinder calculator.

Materials Needed Calculator
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